Navigating the bumpy road with Carmen

Carmen Lauwers

• Multipassionate creative •
• Actor and ceramicist •
• Driven by personal growth •
• Mother of Cézanne and Coco Rozés •

From the age of six, Carmen knew she wanted to be an actress. It was a bumpy road, and there were many times she lost motivation to continue auditioning. However, when her youngest daughter was born, she experienced a confidence boost and felt the urge to pursue acting again. Eight weeks later, she auditioned and secured a role in the television show ‘Dertigers’ (Thirtysomethings).

Her passion for ceramics only developed later in life. While pregnant with her oldest daughter, Carmen took up ceramic classes during her break from work. Six months after giving birth, she tragically lost her brother in a traffic accident. Ceramics pulled her through the days and became her therapeutic outlet.

5 questions for Carmen

What means “Doing your Dada” to you?

Following my passions is crucial to find motivation in my daily life. I cannot do something without passion; otherwise, it quickly becomes boring, and I come to a complete standstill. Choosing 1-2 true passions has been a journey for me. But now I’ve found a framework in which I can explore different paths, color outside the lines, without feeling confined to a closed box. 

What challenges do you encounter while pursuing your Dada?

Fear of failure combined with perfectionism. In acting you get rejected a lot, and auditions are nerve-wracking. It requires a heap of courage to start. In ceramics, customers expect almost perfection but don’t want to wait too long. Working against those deadlines makes me sometimes dissatisfied with what I create.

How did becoming a mother change your life?

My children are my oxygen, my driving force, my everything. I want to follow my passions for them, to be an example, to show that anything is possible as long as you pursue it yourself. Nothing is just handed to you, opportunities don't knock on your door with a package. I find this lesson super important. 

How do you hope to inspire/touch others?

I hope that others can see that there is always something to live for and strive towards. The last 7 years of my life have not been easy. I've had very tough periods where I felt I couldn't go on, yet at the same time, I've grown stronger than ever. It's always important to get back on your feet, and it's okay if this takes some time or exploration.

What's your Dada Mantra?

Trust the process (or the struggle). It's normal that not everything goes at the pace you sometimes wish for. A small step forward is still a step in the right direction. If you take a day off or things don't work out, that's okay too. In the long run, everything falls into place

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" My children don't hinder my pursuit of my passion; quite the opposite, they serve as my driving force forward. "

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