Welcome to La Dada, a tribute to bold womanhood in every way - translated into beautifully designed and sustainably crafted clothes that remind you to follow your dada.

We make it our mission to support and empower woman to embrace their whole selves in every chapter of their life. To stand still, feel and intentionally choose their own path. Designed to awaken your playful and fierce side. To do their "dada" with confidence.

Each La Dada collection is like a chapter in your journey as a woman. Based on the words bold, feminine and free we developed a clothing brand for every woman. Color, artistic prints and daring combos are central, but we also think comfort is important. So that you can fall back on fashion that is wearable at every stage of your life.

We follow your flow and are here to remind you to do your dada.

We are women, creators of life.
We are caregivers, problem solvers.
We are rebels, artists and dreamers.
We are proud to do it all.
We are resilient navigators of life’s ups and downs.
We are playful and passionate.
We are believers in the power of laughter.

We are Dada.