Choosing yourself with Gianna

After 8 years working in the family business, it was time for Gianna to go and figure out her dada. She used to study shoe design, and felt an itch to create with her hands again. After trying out several arts she knew that nothing could quiet her mind like dabbing her hands in clay.

Now she combines working part time in the family business with making ceramics at Club Bonheur, the business she started together with her friend Nele. Switching to working with ceramics for a living has brought her back to feeling more like her true self.

5 questions for Gianna

What means “Doing your Dada” to you?

Taking a step back initially felt challenging, especially with the concern of potentially letting my parents down, particularly my father. However, discovering my own path is making them proud, and I'm realizing that following your passion ultimately means choosing yourself.

What challenges do you encounter while pursuing your Dada?

Letting go. Man, that's a tough one for me. I mean, even when I don’t have to be in the Club on Saturday, the odds are you'll catch me hanging out there anyway! The thing is, there's something special about doing what you love so much that it's okay for it to be a constant presence.

What are the beautiful parts of choosing yourself?

The support from my partner, friends, and family. You come to appreciate friendship and love on a whole different level. Whether it's a mountain of dishes during a late-night opening, keeping me company during late work sessions, or a pep talk, they’re always ready to step in.

How do you hope to inspire/touch others?

With the workshops, I find it important to convey that it's so beneficial to take a moment for yourself. Whether it's people with demanding jobs, moms who rarely do something just for themselves, or someone going through a burnout. Get out of your head, into the clay.

What’s your Dada Mantra?

We, women, are cyclical beings, and it's perfectly fine to operate, create, and simply live in harmony with that rhythm. It's still a learning experience for me as well, but it's about giving it your all when you're on a high and taking a step back when you realize that's what's best for you. And here's a crucial point: don't try to do everything on your own. Surround yourself with people who always share a bit of the dream. I would never do this without Nele.

Check out Gianna’s ceramics and workshop at Club Bonheur.

" There's something special about doing what you love so much that it's okay for it to be a constant presence. "

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